A better technology

Alloy foam does nothing that cannot be done some other way.

           It just does it better, delivering tangible technical and commercial advantages

      over any alternative.

Our world

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Korea Zinc Company, Alantum enjoys the backing of the world’s #1 manufacturer of non-ferrous metals. This assures a solid foundation from which to undertake an aggressive growth strategy based on global R&D and technical and commercial innovation.

The company operates from three main territories – key production bases covering the emerging global economy:

  • Korea – where we have our headquarters and main catalyst substrate production facilities, and where we also develop, engineer and produce specific processes, such as those for gas cleaning, battery materials, and heat exchanging
  • China – where we develop, engineer and produce emission control technology for the Chinese domestic market
  • Germany – where we develop and engineer catalyst carriers for heterogeneous catalysis processes, and undertake R&D and sales & marketing

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