A better technology

Alloy foam does nothing that cannot be done some other way.

           It just does it better, delivering tangible technical and commercial advantages

      over any alternative.

Our history

Alloy foam technology was first developed by Toronto-based Inco (International Nickel Company of Canada), in cooperation with Fraunhofer IFAM, a German scientific institute. Alantum was set up in 2006 as a joint venture between Inco and Munich-based specialist chemicals company Süd-Chemie.

In 2008, the company was bought by world-leading non-ferrous metals giants Korea Zinc Company and Korea Nickel Corporation, and significantly expanded through the establishment of world-class production and R&D facilities in China and Korea.

2003 – 2006
Innovation & patenting of alloy foam process technology by Inco GmbH and Fraunhofer IFAM.

2006 – 2008
Founding of Alantum Europe as a Süd-Chemie and Inco joint venture.

2008 – 2010
Alantum acquired by Korea Zinc Company and Korea Nickel Corporation.
Alantum Corporation Headquarters established in Seoul.
Launch of Alantum Advanced Material and Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

2010 – 2012
R&D Center Chemical Process Technologies established in Munich.
Technical Center established in Shanghai.
Sales Office established in the US.

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