A better technology

Alloy foam does nothing that cannot be done some other way.

           It just does it better, delivering tangible technical and commercial advantages

      over any alternative.

The Premier Gas, Coal & Biomass to Liquids Summit


May 20-22, 2013

London, UK

Now in its thirteenth year, the World XTL Summit has a long-established proven track-record. It is recognized as the premier gas, coal and biomass to liquids forum where industry leaders from throughout the world meet and do business.

The Conference will evaluate the latest GTL, BTL and CTL technology advances, examine the economic drivers for each of these technologies, report on the progress of operational projects and those under construction, and focus on optimizing marketing strategies for end-products.

Alantum will participate as a sponsor, with its own booth and present their breakthrough alloy metal foam based catalyst substrates for XTL processes.

On Wednesday 22nd of May between 11 and 12 o’clock , Dr. Jan Lerou, a world renown XtL expert who has recently joined Alantum as technical and business advisor, will be the keynote speaker of session 6 “Supporting Sustainable Growth”.

Come visit us at the booth and listen to our presentation. Have a talk with our senior chemical engineers and managers. To arrange a meeting during the conference, please send us an email to chemicals-info@alantum.com

For more information:

Go to the exhibition site: www.cwcxtl.com