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Alloy foam does nothing that cannot be done some other way.

           It just does it better, delivering tangible technical and commercial advantages

      over any alternative.

Emissions Technology Symposium


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

May 08-10, 2013

China, Shanghai

This year’s “Emissions Technology Symposium” will examine China’s current and future emission regulations and their impact on emission control technologies. The technological solutions will cover DOC, POC and SCR after treatment systems as well as EGR, GPF and FBC technology for light-, mid-, and heavy-duty on-road vehicles.

The conference will bring together experts from universities and research institutes as well as industry leader in this field.

Alantum will participate with its own booth and proudly showcases proven APOC – Adaptable Particulate Oxidization Catalyst technology, which has been especially engineered for the requirements of Chinese commercial vehicles.

Come visit us at the booth and have a talk with our senior automotive experts and the management about future solutions for a cleaner environment.

To arrange a meeting during the conference, please send us an email to cleanair-info@alantum.com