A better technology

Alloy foam does nothing that cannot be done some other way.

           It just does it better, delivering tangible technical and commercial advantages

      over any alternative.

Relaunch Alantum website


Alantum Corporate has relaunched its website, with a view to strengthening the position of its three renamed operating businesses, and communicating its applications and technologies clearly.

Having completed the restructuring of our operating business units and the creation of dedicated sub-websites for each, we see the new site as an important step in fulfilling our commitment to improving our communications and support for our customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

The new site gives our customers, partners and others quick and easy access to information on:

  • Alantum Clean Air Technologies – developing, engineering and manufacturing a broad portfolio of exhaust treatment products which comply with emission regulations equivalent to Euro IV , V Marpol Annex VI
  • Alantum Chemical Process Technologies – enabling a better heterogeneous catalysis process, through its creation of a unique catalyst carrier
  • Alantum Special Products – enabling the development of better solutions based on alloy foam substrate for a wide range of demanding industrial applications

We believe the new site offers major enhancements to appearance, navigability, accessibility and usability. And we plan regular further improvements over the months and years ahead.

We hope you like the site, and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Please tell us what you think, at info@alantum.com