Enabler, Innovator.

Alantum is a global leader in alloy foam technology, and the world’s only manufacturer operating on a commercial scale. Our clients are the world’s leading chemicals, petrochemicals, automotive and energy companies, as well as specialty companies from a broad spectrum. We deliver solutions that enable them to meet the technical and regulatory challenges they face, fulfil their clients’ needs more effectively and economically, and gain a competitive edge.​
Above all, we work closely in partnership with them to continually improve and extend the capabilities and applications of the technology, co-developing the next generation of high performance materials, for our mutual benefit.


Location of our headquarters and the main alloy foam production facilities. The local team focuses on the development of industrial emission control, burner media, heat exchangers and battery materials.


Central hub for material R&D and product development of novel catalyst carriers for heterogeneous catalysis. Development and piloting of manufacturing processes. Silver foam manufacturing.


Strategic partnerships with material suppliers and a dedicated team for the development, engineering and production of emission control technology for the Chinese domestic market. Industrial emission control catalyst sales team.


As a wholly owned subsidiary of Korea Zinc Company, Alantum enjoys the backing of the world’s #1 manufacturer of non-ferrous metals. This assures a solid foundation for an ambitious growth strategy based on global R&D and technical and commercial innovation. Since its inception, Alantum has been a forefront innovator with more than 150 patents and the number one address for structured metals used in chemical catalysis, emission control and energy materials. ​


Innovations & Patents

Alloy foam process technology


Founding Alantum

JV Südchemie and Inco
later Vale acquired Inco


Scale Up

Acquisition by Korea Zinc
Commercial scale up