Material. Technology. Engineering. Manufacturing. Alantum is the only global manufacturer of alloy foam on a commercial scale. Our facilities in Germany, China and Korea operate with an annual production capacity of 1 million liters of alloy and metal foam, using patented powder-metallurgical and electroplating processes. The result is a reproducible quality with unique characteristics.


Blocked Pores

Our promise: Show us one single blocked pore and you get a tasty Munich beer for free.


Cell Size

Material uniformity and reproducibility are pivotal for meeting and repeating your performance targets.



Operational excellence under quality management systems certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Surface Roughness

From smooth struts, controlled metal grain sizes, high-surface morphologies and optimized coating adhesion.


Alloys and Metals

We take pride in our sintering capability, ensuring fully homogenous elemental distribution.



Innovation on novel materials, process technologies and applications is key to secure FTO for our customers.


Alantum metal foam is a 100 % open-porous cellular structure. It unites definition on every level: From micro to macro

Micro - material level

Alantum’s patented plating and powder-metallurgical processes guarantee the highest purity of precious metal foams and the homogenous composition of alloy foams. The tunable material properties of Alantum foams are key for their functionality in various applications, as well as their mechanical, thermal, and chemical resilience.

Meso - structural level

Chemical catalysis, electrocatalysis, emission control, conductive materials, filters, mixers, or burner substrates – Alantum foams can be tailored to any application. The high geometric surface area of Alantum alloy foam, combined with its characteristic surface roughness, makes it an ideal substrate for durable, functional catalyst washcoats.

Macro - product scale

Alantum metal foam is produced in sheets of various thicknesses. It can be compressed, joined, cut, stamped, welded, seamed, sealed, filled, and drilled to create almost any 3D shape. We design, engineer and manufacture a wide range of products – from metal foam-micropellets to components made of super-alloy structured composites.


Base Metals, Precious Metals, Super Alloys. Nickel, Iron, Copper and Silver foams are of special interest for electro- and chemical catalysis. Ag and Cu offer the highest thermal and electrical conductivities.Super alloys foams are known for their tremendous material strengths – used as catalysts carriers, flow fields, and as high-temperature fuel-saving burner media.

Pure Metals

Nickel, iron, cupper and silver

Super Alloys

NiFeCrAl, NiCrAl, Inconel and Stainless steel

Cell Size

Structure controls Performance. Alantum’s standalone material characteristic is a 100% open porosity. This ensures predictable, reproducible, and controllable results in operation. What’s more, your selection of the right cell size provides full control over pressure drop, mechanical stability, filtration effectiveness, and catalyst activity by means of surface area.


Tailor-made solutions for your application. From ready-to-use drop in solutions to all-new design concepts. Our portfolio encompasses foam-pellets on millimeter scale to reactor-sized composites. Our engineering team helps you to identify the right material, pick the appropriate cell size, design the best shape, and ensure full manufacturability. Ultimately, our goal is to create the maximum value for our customers.

You need more information, technical data sheets, or material safety data sheets?


We offer not just a material that can transform reactor performance and energy applications. Alantum builds on the world’s leading store of alloy foam IP expertise and a total customer focus. From inquiry through development, production and installation, we commit to your success at every stage up to implementation and commercial exploitation. Our goal is to develop and deliver the solution that aims to exceed expectation:

R&D Expertise

Pioneering knowledge in material innovation and alloy customization.Design thinking and agile processes for fast time to market.Reactor and process simulation using CFD simulations.

Application Design

Comprehensive engineering experience in various industries.Leading specialists in in the processing and application of alloy foam.Component engineering, prototype building.

Serial Production

Process design, implementation and operation (from pilot to commercial scale).Commercial plants in Germany, China and Korea ensure high production capacity at highest quality standards.

Metal Experts

The Alantum group is the global technology leader in metal foam.Korea Zinc, our mother company, is the world’s largest player in non-ferrous refining.